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Airport Transfers Kuala Lumpur

Whether traveling abroad or domestically, nothing more than botched transportation spoils a business trip or vacation. One would expect a comfortable and pleasant travel from the airport to the hotel/destination, or vice versa, without undue delays.

Be it Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Terminal 2 (KLIA2) or Subang Airport (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport), let PTH EasyRide Transportation take care of your travel needs. Benefits of pre-booked airport transfers are:

  • Availability of transport
    Being pre-booked, you can be assured that your ride is suitably catered for your number of travelers and luggage. You don’t want to be faced with an inadequately-sized vehicle that is not capable of seating your entourage. Neither do you want to face a situation that the boot of the vehicle is too small to completely contain your baggage. Majority of Malaysian airport taxis/limousines are NGV (natural gas) propelled. The gas tank is bulky, and this itself occupies nearly half the boot space, which makes it less than ideal for high luggage volume.
  • Allows relaxation / free from anxiety
    Avoid being flustered and stressed seeking transportation and the agony of not being on time to catch your flight. Ordering a ride via e-hailing services, such as  Grab is available. However, this can take a while depending on vehicle availability in the vicinity when placing a call.

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